Citizens Serving First Responders and Their Families.

As Your Generosity Grows, So Does Our Mission.

Since its inception in 1973, The 100 Club of San Antonio has stood as a steadfast pillar of support. Whenever our dedicated Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters brave danger in the line of duty, and tragically lay down their lives, we stand by them. Our commitment ensures that families receive immediate assistance, with a strong focus on providing educational opportunities for surviving dependent children. Join us in making a difference – your contributions directly uplift the heroes who safeguard our community.

Our Impact


Dependent Children
Scholarship Fund

Provides Higher Education
Scholarships for children of
fallen first responders


Over 5 million dollars was awarded. 

First Responder Family
Resiliency Program

Provides access to coping, counseling, and mental health services for our survivor families, injured first responder families and resiliency training for all first responders and their families.


Counseling hours coordinated

Line of Duty Death Assistance and Line of Duty Injury fund



in financial assistance within 24 hours of a Line of Duty Death and Seriously Injured First since 2020

“It’s an honor for us to be involved in the 100 Club. I would suggest to anyone else who feels some gratitude for the services they get from our public servants, that they take the opportunity to join us.”

-Jim S.

Fallen Heroes


A Remembrance Page Filled With Our Fallen Heroes


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