Citizens Serving First Responders and Their Families.


Established in 1973, The 100 Club of San Antonio’s primary mission is to deliver financial assistance to the families of fallen first responders. However, through generous contributions from a grateful community, the 100ClubSA has been able to expand the mission to include several programs supporting families, departments, and individuals in an effort to heal and protect Bexar County’s law enforcement and firefighters.

The 100 Club of San Antonio would like to thank all of its supporters. Without your generous contributions, we would be unable to provide for the needs of first responders and their families in our community.

Line of Duty Death Assistance

The 100 Club core mission since 1973, the Line of Duty Death Assistance program provides Financial Assistance and Counseling Services within 24 hours of a Line of Duty Death.

Dependent Children Scholarship Fund

Provide a higher education scholarship for children of fallen first responders.

Bridge Program

To serve as a connection linking first responders, our educational institutions, and the broader community. To portray first responders positively by engaging with schools and reaching out to the community.

Donation Fund

Provides assistance to other organizations aligned with our mission.

First Responder Resiliency Fund

Provide coping, counseling, and mental health support to survivors’ families and injured first responder families. Additionally, offer resiliency training to all first responders and their families to enhance their well-being and readiness.

K-9 Fund

Provides necessary equipment and training for handlers, including trauma and interdiction & safety training, K-9 first aid kits, cooling mats, kennels, vehicle remote heat sensors, and financial assistance for medically retired K-9s and more.

Line of Duty Injury Fund

Provides immediate financial assistance and counseling to seriously injured First Responders.

The C.A.L.M. Approach

Important new training we believe will become a national standard in law enforcement. The C.A.L.M. Approach is a response matrix for law enforcement professionals to use with non-compliant subjects who do not exhibit a weapon. This methodology underscores the need to avoid physical confrontation when possible. However, if not possible, the concept provides direction to increase safety for everyone involved. For more information, visit

Training Scholarships

Over 1000 Law-Enforcement Officers have been trained in Tactical First Aid, Defensive Tactics, Verbal De-Escalation Skills, Specialized Skills for Women in Law-Enforcement, K-9 Handlers Skills … and much more.

Coping, Counseling, and Mental Health Awareness Program

We believe this to be a defining mission of 100ClubSA in the years to come. Survivors Families, Injured First Responder Families, and all Resiliency Training for all First Responders Families.

“During a tragic time, the 100 Club came into our family and since then they’ve always been a part of our family.”

-Joseph C.